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Post Adoption Intern

Overview //

The ideal candidate would have a interest in working in adoption-related work, an interest in researching family heritage and history, effective written and oral communication skills and the desire to serve others and provide transformative services to persons in need.

A post adoption intern would be responsible for performing the below tasks with supervision and training. The position is located out of CCDA's Fairfax office and requires 4-10 hours per week. Semester long internship and/or ongoing internship/volunteer opportunities are available.

1. Contact adoptee to confirm "Letter of Appointment" was received from Virginia DSS and CCDA can begin disclosure process. Confirm adoptee would like to receive non-identifying and/or identifying information and explain paperwork and fees.

2. Complete an adoptee 'search readiness assessment' with an adoption worker.

3. Utilize records sent by Virginia DSS to obtain birth parents, adoptive family, and/or adoptee name(s) to search for agency adoption file.

4. If requesting non-identifying information, redact copies from the adoption files (paper files or microfiche) and coordinate with the adoptee to pick up in-person with their photo identification.

5. If requesting identifying information, adoptee will need to complete a search readiness assessment with a CCDA counselor. The intern will not be conducting the assessment, but they will have the opportunity to shadow if the adoptee is comfortable with this.

6. For identifying information, the intern will use various search engines, cross reference information found with original records, write and send letters, make phone calls, and other agency approved strategies to locate birth relative(s).

7. Communicate with adoptee throughout the process with updates.

8. If identifying request is approved by birth relative(s) and Virginia DSS, CCDA will serve as an intermediary for the adoptee and birth relative(s).

9. Referrals to support resources, if needed.

10. Complete dictation for cases.

If interested, please email resume to mlane@ccda.net

Contact Person: Meaghan Lane

Contact Phone: (703) 425-0102

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On Call Volunteer

Overview //

Want to volunteer with Catholic Charities but can't commit to one single opportunity at this time? No worries sign up to be an 'on call' volunteer! You will receive opportunity notifications and event volunteer opportunities - such as the Catholic Charities Ball.

Contact Person: Sally O'Dwyer

Contact Phone: (703) 224-1478

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