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Financial literacy workshops co-ordinator

We partner with another organization to bring basic budgeting workshops to the parishes. These are attended by a cross section of individuals--from newly married couples, to older individuals. This is a very important educational service that helps to prevent individuals from getting into a financial crisis--which can lead to homelessness, debt and a feeling of hopelessness.
We would like to offer these workshops around the diocese once a month. They are usually held one weeknight evening from 7 to 9 pm. Participants receive a workbook.
We need someone to work with our partner organization and the parishes to schedule these and advertise them. You would not need to attend the workshops--we have volunteer ambassadors that represent us and set up etc. If we were able to set up a steady calendar of workshops, we could tie attending a workshop as a requirement for receiving financial assistance from Catholic Charities--thereby reaching those who are coming to us in big financial trouble with transformational services.

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Sally O'Dwyer

(703) 841-3838